FTS Index

FTSIndex is an application that will log into your chosen server and list for you all of the forms and fields that have FTS Index option set.

FTSIndex can be run either from the Windows GUI, or from the command line. If run from the GUI you simply configure your server in the FTSIndex.properties file and double click on the jar file, this will produce an output of the results into a file in the same folder

Alternatively you can provide the jar with command line parameters

Below are all of the parameters that are accepted for use

java -jar APLFTSIndex.jar -x <server> -u <user> [-c <configFile> -p <password> -t <TCPPort> -crf -rf <removeFile>]

All command line parameters are optional if your config file is named the default and all options are in the config file, required are only required on one of the two places.

-x: This is the server to connect to
-u: User used to connect to the servers
-c: Config file to use, if undefined it looks at APLFTSIndex.properties file
-p: Password of the user being used to connect
-t: TCPPort to connect to server, uses port mapper if undefined
-crf: Auto create a remove file from the output of the search
-rf: File that you want process for Index Removal

Version History

2.4 – March 16th 2018

-Updated the tool to not only show you the form name and type, but also the schemaID. This is useful because the FTS Index puts the indexes for that form in a folder by the name of the schemaID
-Converted from using my own logging methods to using log4j to make things easier
-Removed verbose option and changed it to changing the logging level of the program

2.3 – January 8th 2017

  • BUG Fixed problem with connection string not properly recognizing the ‘mode’ it needed to be in (Base/Best Practice)

2.2 – December 29th 2016

  • Added ‘verbose’ option to identify exactly what forms the tool is processing
  • Added timestamp to the ‘Done Processing’ so that a ‘how long did it take’ assessment can be determined
  • Fixed a problem that was reporting ‘null’ MFS Categories
  • Fixed a bug where the tool wasn’t finding ALL of the forms on the server, despite the fact that I was telling it to

2.1 – October 30th 2016

  • Found two additional options that could cause a field to be indexed that I didn’t know about before, added them to the check and removal routines.

2.0 – September 1st 2016

  • Introduced the ability to remove indexes from form with use of either the ‘removeFile’ config parameter or the command line -rf to specify the file.
  • Added the form type to the main output file

1.1 – August 10th 2016

  • -Updated to include both FTS and MFS options in output

1.0 – January 26th 2015

  • Initial release
  • Provides a list of forms and fields that are FTS Indexed

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