Field Documentor

This program connects to your Remedy server and provides some documentation of fields on the specified forms

This program offers either command line, or config file operation, here are the options if you need to use them

java -jar APLFieldDocumentor.jar

All command line options are optional, those listed are to exist either in the command line or the config file
Command line overrides config file in all situations

-x Name or IP of Remedy server to connect to
-u Admin user name used to connect to Remedy server
-f Form(s) to document

-h/? This syntax message you are reading
-c Config file to use for configuration, if unspecified it uses
-t TCP Port to connect to, if not specified a value of 0 is used
-p Password for the Admin user

1 – Edit to be related to your system
2 – Double Click on the Jar file to execute the program
3 – Open the files generated to view the results

Version History

1.1 – July 13th 2016

  • Added FTS Indexed to Character Fields

1.0 – April 9th 2015

  • Initial Release

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