My tools come in three flavors.  Tools that manipulate/read log files, those that connect to your server and perform some function, and finally, the plugins that reside inside a server to do some function.

Log Tools:

Escalation Runtime – A tool that provides a synopsis of how your Escalations are working from a log file

Log Parser – A suite of tools to parse Remedy logs

Parse String – A tool that allows you to either pull only lines that contain a string, or exclude a string from a log file

Parse Thread – A tool that allows you to pull a single thread out of a large log file utilizing thread id

Client-Server Tools:

ARInside – A documentation tool that creates a set of static html pages of your system

DB Attachments – A tool that allows you to pull Remedy attachments out of a DB without a Remedy server being present

DB Size – A tool that provides a convenient GUI allowing you to see where the space in your DB is being used

Delete Requests – A tool that allows you to specify SQL queries to do API deletes of records in your system

Escalation Timeline – A tool that provides an interactive timeline of the escalations on your server

Field Documentor – A tool that provides a csv output of the fields on the specified forms

FTS Index – A tool that logs onto your server and provides a list of all fields being Indexed by FTS

Load Balancer Monitor – A tool that monitors either your Remedy or Mid-Tier server (can run two instances to check both if needed) and either opens a port, or closes it based on availability of server

Mid-Tier Sessions – A tool that provides you with how many active sessions are currently on a given Tomcat server

Prod Def Backup – A tool that provides you with a quick easy way to generate a def from dev, and a backup of the same objects from prod

Restart Plugin – A tool that logs into the specified server and restarts the C and Java plugin servers

Server Group Functions – A tool that tells you what functions are currently assigned to which server in the group

Server Versions – A tool that lets you collect server versions across your environments easily

Thread Counter – A tool that provides configuration of your RPC Queues

User Counter – A tool that provides a count of currently logged in users and breakdown of Fixed/Floating/Read


Attachment Validation – A Plugin used by the Remedy server to validate an attachment before it’s saved to the DB

Email Validator – A Plugin that provides validation services to your email strings

Restful API – An ARDBC Plugin that allows consumption of Restful Web Services through Vendor Forms

RSSO Transformation – An RSSO Transformation plugin that allows transformation through Remedy lookup

Transaction Isolation – A Plugin that allows you to kick off a transaction on the server and wait for it to finish

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2 thoughts on “Tools

  • Vijay Kumar Dodla

    Hi LJ
    This is Vijay Dodla ..hope you remember me . I worked with you at Level 3 communications along with Jaspal . Nice to see this website and your passion and love towards Remedy . I really like and cannot stop appreciating you dedication to bring Arinside to public . I really like the tool and our team is using it heavily .