The next big thing

The other day I was consulting with my friend Brian about the future of various tools I have on my site, I’m always coming up with new ideas and adding new capabilities, but this is creating sprawl and questions of ‘what’s the difference between this one and that one. So, based on his suggestions, I’m going to start a new effort. This effort is going to bring a majority of my tools together under a single tool umbrella, give them a GUI, and standardize my functions across tools so that they are all modernized in their programming approach and ideally easier to download and run. I don’t of course have a timeline of when the first release will be made, or what combination of tools it’ll have, but over time I’ll be removing the old standalone versions of the tools and migrating them into this new tool kit. Ideally this’ll make the entire process cleaner for you the user and give you a greater breadth of capabilities within the same tool set.