This is a PC native client written in Java. The goal of this client is to mirror all of the capabilities of the Nuvvyo official clients, but with add features that haven’t been added as of yet, or potentially ever.

Version History

.25 – Aug 15 2020

  • Fix occasional Null Pointer while in the All Airings screen
  • Fix problem with Refresh causing tags list to ever expand
  • Added Thumbnail generation information to Recordings screen

.24 – Jul 19 2020

  • Improved Auto-Record timing, it doesn’t check as often and in general, puts less load on the Tablo
  • Other general internal improvements

.23 – Mar 3 2020

  • Added both Series Options window as well as Airing Options, allowing you configure number of recordings, channel, and most importantly start and stop time offsets
  • Updated Auto Record to fire any time the Tablo schedule is updated as well as any time you modify the Auto Record settings, so you no longer need to close and re-open the tool to re-trigger Auto Record
  • Fixed a long standing issue where when you updated schedule settings on the show details screen you needed to refresh the main show table
  • Added Hover Images, when you hover over a show or a recording it’ll now show you the same image you would see for the same item in the OOTB UI’s
  • Configurable Export File Names

.22 – Feb 1 2020

  • Fixed the initialization routines for new DB’s so it creates all of the tables properly
  • Added ‘Original Date’ column to all of the tables so you can see that date if it’s available for the program in question

.20 – Nov 25 2019

  • Fixed problems with the Auto Record feature relating to the use of ‘ characters
  • Made Auto Record tables multi-select capable

.19 – Nov 23 2019

  • Added Settings Dialog
  • Added AutoRecord settings
  • Added function to auto-size columns
  • Fixed Shows dialog that was causing multiple calls and slowing the load of the window down
  • Changed floating precision of Mbps column on recording screen

.18 – Sep 24 2019

  • Fixed the problem with OutputDir introduced in .17

.17 – Sept 24 2019

  • Fixed problem where only a conflict caused a large number of -1 in the scheduled column
  • Fixed so that all windows have customizable columns
  • Added an application icon
  • Added ‘bytes per minute’ column to Recordings
  • Changed the format of Recordings length to HH:MM from former format
  • Changed size format to include GB/MB instead of raw bytes
  • Modified the client to refresh shows list automatically when the server has been updated since last open

.16 – Sep 10 2019

  • Fixed Airing Blacklist filtering problem

.15 – Sep 10 2019

  • Added ‘Save to CSV’ to all 3 window types
  • Optimized Airing window so it didn’t need to pull all of the records back any time you made a change
  • Added the ability to keep a custom sort across table refreshes
  • Finalized backend code for Auto Recording, now I just need to do the GUI

.14 – Sep 5 2019

  • Removed some extra debug logging
  • Fixed a few more NPE’s related to Manual recordings
  • Added ability to Protect/Unprotect Recordings from being deleted
  • Fixed title sorting so that it is not case sensitive
  • Added sorting to Airings table

.13 – Sep 2 2019

  • Added Conflict Resolution to the Airing screen
  • Fixed NullPointerException when removing an airing via the Upcoming screen
  • Fixed problem with trying to add the Version column to the Object table
  • Added rudimentary support for Manual recordings on the Upcoming screen

.12 – Aug 30 2019

  • Fixed a filtering defect on the Airing screen that eventually caused the list to go blank
  • Updated the Show Details dialog to function more like the native web interface
  • Updated the Airing dialog to control the context menu a bit more
  • Continued working on the Auto Record feature and added the ability to record by text search, still need to build a GUI so you guys can use, but the back end functionality is working quite well at this point

.11 – Aug 27 2019

  • Added ‘Remove from Blacklist’ to Shows dialog (Right click)
  • Fixed bug where Scheduled Count was wrong
  • Added ‘Show Details’ to the show screen that gives you all of the airings of that show
  • On Airings screen, added ability to change show/airing schedule
  • Started work on AutoRecord, that will eventually allow the ability to automatically schedule shows/movies based on Team/Cast/Director

.10 – Aug 25 2019

  • Reconfigured the Show dialog to only pull from the Tablos when the ‘Refresh Table’ is selected. Otherwise it’s using cached objects, this should speed the screen use up quite a bit
  • Due to the changing nature of this development process, the static cache was causing me issues, so I added a column to the cache table to keep track of which version generated it, and regenerate the cache on version upgrade, this’ll help prevent future problems when I change the structure of the objects
  • Added ‘Airing’ button to the main screen. This, like shows, will show you ALL airings that are on your Tablo, this can take some time to generate
  • Added Airing filter for Tags, this will let you filter for any tags that the Tablo supports, with ‘pilot’ being a special one I added upon request

.09 – Aug 21 2019

  • Added additional Show filtering capability
  • Added tags to upcoming shows
  • Added ‘Copy Tablo URL’ to all 3 windows

.08 – Aug 20 2019

  • Optimized ‘Shows’ screen so that it’s more responsive when choosing options on the screen
  • Added ability to filter shows based on New/Premiering
  • Added Rating and Quality to the Shows list
  • Added ability to Copy the Streaming URL from a Recording (right click)
  • Updated code to recognize what firmware you have and not show you options that don’t apply to you

.07 – Aug 19 2019

  • Fixed process controls on Linux machines
  • Right justified ‘size’ on Recordings screens
  • Generally loosened up column width restrictions so columns can be resized properly on ‘other’ screens

.06 – Aug 18 2019

  • Corrected recording quality to reflect actual quality instead of channel possibility
  • Adjusted the Scheduled screen a bit to move date/time into same column and make it properly sortable
  • Fixed and Updated hard drive capacity/full data to accommodate cloud drives who’s capacity is in time, not bytes

.05 – Aug 17 2019

  • Further hardened the code to prevent calls to JSON elements that don’t exist in various versions from preventing the system from being functional overall

.04 – Aug 16 2019

  • Fixed commercial_skip error for people who haven’t upgraded to 2.2.26 firmware yet

.03 – Aug 16 2019

  • Fixed problem with getting the Tablo list when it hasn’t been configured for external access

.02 – Aug 16 2019

  • Fixed reference to
  • Included a few more libraries to make it work better on Linux
  • Added a readme.txt file to help with instructions on running on some platforms

.01 – Aug 13 2019

  • Initial public offering