Restful Plugin 3.0

Announcing the much anticipated (by some users at least) 3.0 release. This release provides a few key enhancements.

1 – Now you have the ability to manage Attachment data. Both from pushing attachments from Remedy to external systems as well as consuming attachments IN external systems, so quite important
2 – The plugin cache was previously stored in memory which was fast, but potentially hazardous when it came to attachments, and also provided inconsistencies in results when utilized in a Server Group configuration, so the cache is now stored in a cache form.
3 – Dynamic Headers….your headers can now be populated dynamically allowing for access tokens to be gathered in one call and used in a second.

A great deal of effort has gone into this release, I hope you enjoy.

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One thought on “Restful Plugin 3.0

  • Allen Morgan

    Thanks LJ! This is Allen Morgan from NASDAQ – I was at T3 and enjoyed your sessions. I have worked with Remedy for over 20 years. I (like many others) have benefited greatly from your work and insights from ARSList to the BMC Communities. It’s greatly appreciated!

    Thank you and take care.