Changes galore

So….in late March I took a new job that greatly curtailed my ability to actively work on this site and various tools….but, yet another even better change is coming, I’m starting ANOTHER new job at the beginning of July with BMC themselves. I have yet to fully explore and understand what this means for activities here on my site as well as development of tools, but rest assured, I’m not just dropping things…so, keep your eyes glued here (if that’s something you enjoy at least) for things as they evolve. As always though…if you have any tools you want me to write, just let me know and I might just do it.

Busy February for Restful Plugin – 2.3

It’s been a busy month, but this should be the last of the changes for awhile, unless there are bugs that are pointed out…that’s always possible

This little plugin now does everything I was envisioning for it at the original concept and MUCH MUCH more….thank you for all of you out there using it and integrating your Remedy system with new capabilities.

As always, let me know if there is more I can do 🙂

Resful Plugin now CRUD capable


I’m pleased to announce version 2.0 of the Restful ARDBC Plugin.  This version now supports full Create, Request, Update, Delete capabilities.  This means that you can use your Vendor forms to create records, query them, update them, and even delete them, all of course, if the Rest service you are utilizing supports these abilities.  With this update we implemented the ability to provide a ‘body’ to the rest call, instead of only supporting URL based querying.  Please enjoy this update and I hope it bring all of your integration needs a bit closer to fulfillment.