Transaction Isolation Plugin

Ok folks, here is an oldie but a goodie. This plugin was first made public back in 2012 when I presented the topic on it at WWRUG12. I gave out a few copies at the time, but that was way before this site existed. A few weeks back a friend asked if I had a solution to his problem, the solution was this plugin. I took a look at the code, dusted it off quite a bit and made it ready for it’s debut on this site. This is a plugin that allows you to kick off processes through Remedy workflow that the user is not tied to, meaning it’s a fire and forget (if you want to) type of effort. If you have ever found yourself in the need of the user hitting a button that will kick off a 2 hour job on the server, but couldn’t because doing that would cause the client to be tied up for 2 min’s, and then time out? Well, this is the solution for that problem. This allows you to call the plugin and have the plugin kick off the actual update. Please write to me and comment if you find this useful but need some tweaks.

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