Transaction Isolation

This plugin has a storied past with me. It came out of the need to be able to kick off a Remedy transaction through Remedy workflow, but not have the client that kicked it off wait for the process to finish before moving on. After several discussions with various people the idea that has turned into this plugin has emerged. This plugin allows for fire and forget workflow, either fired through a button press on a form, or through processing in filters/escalations. If you’ve ever done a UDM data load job, you understand the concept of this effort. You press a button and tell the data to load, you are then looking at a console for a process that you aren’t tied directly to anymore, but can watch the status of through the console, and when it’s done, the console changes the status from Running to Done. This does something similar to your own home grown processes.

Version History

1.0 – July 2, 2017

  • Initial public release