Server Versions

This program allows you to check the AR Server versions of all of the servers in your environment without the need to log onto each one individually.  The configuration is exceedingly simple. Edit the and specify the servers you want to check and dbl click on the APLServerVersions.bat file, or execute the jar on your Unix/Linux host with a ‘java -jar APLServerVersions.jar’. Either way it’ll connect to the servers you specify and tell you what versions they are. There is no prompting for username/password as this information is available without the need to log onto the server.

The Config file is exceedingly simple
Anything that starts with a # will simply be output, this is useful so that you can ‘label’ your server environments in the config file
A blank line will be output as a blank line in the output
The server itself can be specified one of two ways

– server:port
– server

If you specify server with port it’ll use that port to connect, if specified without port it assumes port mapper and tries to connect with it

The output is equally as simple. It tells you the date/time you ran it, the version of the tool you are running, and then provides you with the
contents of the config file, including the server name, server port, server version, and how long it took to check the version of the server

Thu Oct 05 13:58:55 MDT 2017
A Programming Legacy –
APLServerVersions v1.0

Environment Name
serverName (0): Server Version: 12 seconds to check

Environment Name
serverName (0): Server Version: 0 seconds to check

Version History

1.0 – October 5th 2017

  • Initial public release