Attachment Validation Plugin

APL Attachment Validation plugin is a FilterAPI plugin. If properly installed and configured on your Remedy server, it provides
the ability to validate your attachment before it gets saved into a record. Initially the only validation that is possible is virus scan.
The plugin provides 3 possible outputs.

1 – Success – The plugin runs into no errors or warnings, it returns nothing back, no message, or attachment
2 – Warning – The plugin detects configured warning configuration, it puts a Warning: message in the log, and returns the potentially modified attachment
3 – Error – The plugin is either unable to run the specified process, or it finds the error text specified, the plugin throws an error

To install the plugin and configure the server to utilize it, you’ll need to perform the following steps

  • Modify the ar.cfg/ar.conf file and add the value from the template folder, ensuring the server name/port are accurate for your environment
  • Modify the pluginsvr_config.xml in InstallDir\pluginsvr folder to include the content in the template, ensuring that you don’t add it inside another plugin-set Modify the ‘userdefined’ section as appropriate for your program/arguments/error/warning texts
  • Optionally import the Remedy Def file, this exists solely to ensure that the plugin is configured properly and accessible to the Remedy server
  • Go into the Server Information console, Attachment Security tab and put ‘APL.ARF.ATTACHMENTVALIDATION’ (without the ‘) in the Attachment Validation Plugin section
  • Copy APLAttachmentValidationPlugin.jar from .\lib to the InstallDir\pluginsvr folder
  • Copy VirusScan.bat from \lib to the \temp folder (Or wherever you have configured the scanner to run) if you want to merely validate the operation of the plugin.
  • Restart your Remedy server

The test plugin form is there just to test that the plugin is available to the server…the use beyond that is limited, the true test is to
verify if in scenarios of an error occurring, that the AR Server doesn’t attach the specified file.

The command that’s executed should be configured to return only the text that you want the plugin to evaluate

It is not advisable to have the output directory be the same directory as your program is in, otherwise attachments being saved to the server could potentially overwrite your files

For the virusParams configuration, a value of $FILENAME$ will cause the actual file to automatically be passed to the command line. Any additional commands you need to pass to your virus scan program should be put inside of your batch/script

Version History

1.3 – Oct 29 2019

  • Enhancement: Prior to this version the error that was being thrown by the plugin didn’t include an error number which caused issues with Mid-Tier displaying the extra information. I added a new configuration parameter <errorNumber> to allow you to define an error number for display of the Mid-Tier level

1.2 – Oct 5 2019

  • BUG: 1.0 didn’t work properly, it re-ran the same command line repeatedly and if an error ever occurred, it would throw an error till reset, don’t use 1.0, please upgrade to get a functional plugin
  • Enhancement: When throwing a warning, the apparent purpose of that would be if the virus scan found a virus, but was able to remove it, the plugin now returns the modified file from the file system instead of just returning the same file that was passed in, thus allowing the file to actually be cleaned and attached

1.0 – Sept 24 2019

  • Initial Public Release