Server Group Functions

APL Server Group Functions connects to your Remedy server group and tells you what functions are assigned to which servers in the group

java -jar APLServerGroupFunctions.jar -x <server> -u <user> [-c <configFile> -p <password> -t tpcPort -o <outputFile> -v -h]
Required – only required in either config file or command line, but not both
-x: This is the server to connect to
-u: User used to connect to the servers
-c: Config file to use, if undefined it looks at file
-p: Password of the user being used to connect
-t: TCPPort to connect to server, uses port mapper if undefined
-o: File that you want the output to go to. If undefined, it goes to the console
-v: Ignores all other inputs and provides Application and version information
-h: Ignores all other inputs and provides this output

Version History

2.0 – September 18th 2015

  • Added new config setting for output file, and defaulted it to APLServerGroupFunctions.log, if this is changed to blank, and no output file is specified, then the output goes to console
  • Determined that the method I was using to determine parsing setup of the servgrp_board contents was flawed. Did a bit more research and I believe I now have it done properly
  • Added some ‘config check’ to notify you if your Approval Server, CMDB, and Business Rules Engine are not running on their proper server along with the Administration function

1.3 – September 17th 2015

  • Corrected problem with array index on server versions < 9.x

1.2 – September 17th 2015

  • Reconfigured the output a bit so that some errors go to the command line, while others go into the output file

1.1 – September 17th 2015

  • Added ability to pull the same functions from servers other than 9.x servers only
  • Added new setting to properties file ‘tcpPort’

1.0 – August 20th 2015

  • Provides what functions are on which server in a server group