Restart Plugin

APLRestartPlugin is an application that will log into your chosen server restart your plugin servers for you

It can be run either from the Windows GUI, or from the command line. If run from the GUI you simply configure your server in the .properties file and double click on the JAR file, this will produce an output of the results into a file in the same folder

Alternatively you can provide the jar with command line parameters

Below are all of the parameters that are accepted for use

java -jar APLRestartPlugin -x <server> -u <user> [-c <configFile> -p <password> -t <TCPPort> -o <outputFile>]
-x: This is the server to connect to
-u: User used to connect to the servers
-c: Config file to use, if undefined it looks at file
-p: Password of the user being used to connect
-t: TCPPort to connect to server, uses port mapper if undefined
-o: File that you want the output to go to. If undefined, it goes to ARThreadOutput.log

Version History

2.0 – December 2nd 2015

  • Added the ability to use the RAS value to connect to Remedy instead of ID/PW

1.02 – August 21st 2015

  • Updated the output to be Windows ‘notepad’ compatible so that the lines wrap properly

1.01 – March 20th 2014

  • Updated ‘example’ and documents to remove references to other program 🙂

1.0 – March 19th 2014

  • Initial release
  • Logs into Remedy server and restarts plugin servers (both C and Java)

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4 thoughts on “Restart Plugin

  • Arjun

    Hi LJ,

    This seems to be something that would be helpful.We have Remedy installed on Windows servers and we kill arplugin when its consuming more then specified memory(45k) where we have noticed issues.
    I just wanted to understand if there is any impact by killing arplugin and also whats the purpose of this tool? If I understand correctly you can kill arplugin remotely? Does this tool also have ability to specify when to kill?


    • LJ LongWing Post author

      The purpose is exactly as you described, to kill the servers when you have the need, if that need is memory consumption, or if you need to reload configuration settings, anything really. The secondary purpose of the tool is to not need to remote into your server to kill them manually, the only down side is the fact that it restarts all plugin servers, not just one of them. If you want to schedule the restart you can use any scheduling tool you like to have the program run whenever you want.

      The obvious impact to restarting your plugins is that anything currently running, stops, and any functions the plugins perform won’t be available till the plugins are finished restating

  • sameer

    thank you

    thank you LJ
    the file is Created and shows
    Error processing TCP Port, using Port Mapper
    A Programming Legacy –
    APLRestartPlugin 1.0
    Tue April 14 2015 12:40:23 AM
    Error restarting Plugin servers
    ERROR (90): Cannot establish a network connection to the AR System server; Connection refused: connect WIN-8S5HE7U4OCA
    i am using port 2020 for AR server and it is specified as is in the property file
    is this tool compatible with 8.1 Version ?

    • LJ LongWing Post author

      I could have sworn I replied to this the other day 🙂

      Please ensure that there is no spaces or tabs, or any other white space around your ‘2020’ port in the config file.