Parse Thread

This utility was written to allow a single thread to be pulled from a multi-thread log file.  This program has one required command line parameter, and one optional.  The first parameter is the name of the log file to be processed.  The second is optional, and is the thread ID to be pulled out of the log file.  If the second parameter is not provided, then it must be provided in the APLParseThread.cfg file.

An example of calling this program from command line would be

java -cp .\lib\APLParseThread.jar com.apl.APLParseThread arfilter.log 0000008036 > output.log

This command line assumes that the jar file is located in a lib folder under the current folder, that the log file to be parsed is local in the current directory, and that thread 8036 exists as a thread in the input log. It will output the values that match that thread into a redirected file of output.log.

If you want to utilize the program with the provided cfg file, the cfg file would be updated to contain

threadID: 0000008036

Then, you would be able to provide the following command line

java -cp .\lib\APLParseThread.jar com.apl.APLParseThread arfilter.log > output.log

This provides the same output as above, but allows for use of the ‘drag and drop’ functionality of log file onto batch file (provided in zip)

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