Parse String

This utility is written to pull out any string you want to pull out of a text file.  Additionally, it has another parameter that is used that allows the string in question be removed from the resulting file instead of be the only content of the file.

This program requires the use of a command line parameter, and a config file named APLParseString.cfg.  An example of calling this program from command line would be

java -cp .\lib\APLParseString.jar com.apl.ParseString arfilter.log > output.log

This command line assumes that the jar file is located in a lib folder under the current folder,
that the log file to be parsed is local in the current directory. The config file has two parameters:

string: <string you want to look for>

You simply set the string to the value you want to look for

makeNegative: true/false

If set to true, the system will exclude any line that contains your string, if false, only your string will be returned

The batch file provided in the zip allows for ‘drag and drop’ functionality of log file onto batch file.

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