New JSON Parser – RestfulAPIPlugin

I hope your Saturday is going good so far….hopefully this helps make it better.  Today I release the next iteration of the Restful Plugin.  This one is a MAJOR upgrade….I had a customer contact me with a JSON request that I couldn’t provide, this lead me to do additional research on JSON tools and the eventual drop of the Jackson library in favor of a smaller, lighter, easier implementation that gave me greater flexibility in my implementation.  As such, this caused a complete re-write of the JSONParser module.  I’ve done extensive testing on it and consider it production ready, but if you have problems, as always, please reach out to me and I’ll do my best to fix your issues and accommodate your requests

Restful API Plugin

Restful Plugin 3.10

In today’s update we have some streamline of code requiring less configuration and two enhancements allowing you to bypass proxy settings and excitingly, a new source of data on the return call, headers…you can now capture header values as field information.  As always, it’s a pleasure providing you with the features you need, let me know if you need anything else

Restful API Plugin

UserCount Rewrite

I’ve grown significantly in my Java knowledge and skills over the years but sometimes my earlier tools haven’t grown along with that knowledge….in October of ’17 I took the opportunity to rewrite this tool with better code, still providing the same output, but much better structure inside that makes it more modular.  I have also enhanced it to handle Application Floating Pools, which I didn’t even realize was a feature till a few days ago….hope the new version continues to work well for you 🙂

User Count

Restful ARDBC Plugin Updated

Today’s release contains 2 bug fixes and a feature update.  The feature update is an evolution of the SSL features of the plugin.  The plugin started out ignoring SSL, in that it would automatically connect to everything without error, then defects in that model caused me to need to turn off some of that, which caused issues with some people being unable to connect due to host name issues in the certificate.  I finally enabled a checkbox on the plugin that allows you to control, on a table by table basis, if SSL is enforced or not, enjoy 🙂

Restful API Plugin