New JSON Parser – RestfulAPIPlugin

I hope your Saturday is going good so far….hopefully this helps make it better.  Today I release the next iteration of the Restful Plugin.  This one is a MAJOR upgrade….I had a customer contact me with a JSON request that I couldn’t provide, this lead me to do additional research on JSON tools and the eventual drop of the Jackson library in favor of a smaller, lighter, easier implementation that gave me greater flexibility in my implementation.  As such, this caused a complete re-write of the JSONParser module.  I’ve done extensive testing on it and consider it production ready, but if you have problems, as always, please reach out to me and I’ll do my best to fix your issues and accommodate your requests

Restful API Plugin

Restful Plugin 3.10

In today’s update we have some streamline of code requiring less configuration and two enhancements allowing you to bypass proxy settings and excitingly, a new source of data on the return call, headers…you can now capture header values as field information.  As always, it’s a pleasure providing you with the features you need, let me know if you need anything else

Restful API Plugin

UserCount Rewrite

I’ve grown significantly in my Java knowledge and skills over the years but sometimes my earlier tools haven’t grown along with that knowledge….in October of ’17 I took the opportunity to rewrite this tool with better code, still providing the same output, but much better structure inside that makes it more modular.  I have also enhanced it to handle Application Floating Pools, which I didn’t even realize was a feature till a few days ago….hope the new version continues to work well for you 🙂

User Count

Restful ARDBC Plugin Updated

Today’s release contains 2 bug fixes and a feature update.  The feature update is an evolution of the SSL features of the plugin.  The plugin started out ignoring SSL, in that it would automatically connect to everything without error, then defects in that model caused me to need to turn off some of that, which caused issues with some people being unable to connect due to host name issues in the certificate.  I finally enabled a checkbox on the plugin that allows you to control, on a table by table basis, if SSL is enforced or not, enjoy 🙂

Restful API Plugin

DB Attachments

Introducing a new capability to the suite of tools I offer, the ability to export Remedy Attachments directly from the DB without a Remedy server being involved, or even installed.  You connect directly to either an SQL or Oracle DB via JDBC and within a few moments have the ability to save the attachments to file system

DB Attachments

Restful Plugin 3.0

Announcing the much anticipated (by some users at least) 3.0 release. This release provides a few key enhancements.

1 – Now you have the ability to manage Attachment data. Both from pushing attachments from Remedy to external systems as well as consuming attachments IN external systems, so quite important
2 – The plugin cache was previously stored in memory which was fast, but potentially hazardous when it came to attachments, and also provided inconsistencies in results when utilized in a Server Group configuration, so the cache is now stored in a cache form.
3 – Dynamic Headers….your headers can now be populated dynamically allowing for access tokens to be gathered in one call and used in a second.

A great deal of effort has gone into this release, I hope you enjoy.

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Transaction Isolation Plugin

Ok folks, here is an oldie but a goodie. This plugin was first made public back in 2012 when I presented the topic on it at WWRUG12. I gave out a few copies at the time, but that was way before this site existed. A few weeks back a friend asked if I had a solution to his problem, the solution was this plugin. I took a look at the code, dusted it off quite a bit and made it ready for it’s debut on this site. This is a plugin that allows you to kick off processes through Remedy workflow that the user is not tied to, meaning it’s a fire and forget (if you want to) type of effort. If you have ever found yourself in the need of the user hitting a button that will kick off a 2 hour job on the server, but couldn’t because doing that would cause the client to be tied up for 2 min’s, and then time out? Well, this is the solution for that problem. This allows you to call the plugin and have the plugin kick off the actual update. Please write to me and comment if you find this useful but need some tweaks.