Below is a list of useful links in the Remedy world.

BMC – BMC is the company that owns and produces the Remedy Action Request System that these tools are built to support
BMC Communities – Communities are the official BMC Forum for their products, including Remedy
ARSList – The ARSList is an email discussion list dedicated to discussing anything Remedy related
ARInside – A Remedy documentation tool that produces interlinked HTML web pages of all workflow in the system
Real Refined Resources of Scandanavia – RRR provides Remedy related utilities written by Misi Mladoniczky and is based out of Stockholm, Sweden
Missing Pieces Software – MPS provides a host of utilities written by Carl Wilson to help manage your Remedy infrastructure, they are based out of London, England
SoleAuthority – A Blog and Tools site run by Curtis Gallant
Java System Solutions – They provide an SSO Plugin, and the XML Gateway. I’ve never used either, but I’ve heard good things about both