A Programming Legacy:

Founded by LJ LongWing in 2013, it was setup to distribute tools that were written to either make Remedy easier to use, or to extend its capabilities.  LJ has been a Remedy Developer since 1998 and a Java Developer since about 2008.  He took his first Remedy training course in September of ’98 on 3.2 and became a Remedy Approved Consultant in August of ’06.  In 2012 he received not only the ARSList MVP, but also the BMC Communities December user of the month.  While attending WWRUG13, he was recognized again by BMC as ‘Top Customer of 2013‘.  LJ presented topics at WWRUG12 (Transaction Isolation Plugin), WWRUG13 (Log Parsing), BMC Engage 2014 (Remedy API Programming Basics), Engage 2015 (Restful API Plugin), Engage 2016 (FilterAPI, ARDBC, and AREA Plugins – What are they), and T3SMAC (2017) (What is REST and how do I use it, Consuming Remedy provided Restful services, and Closing the Restful Gap, consuming Restful services with your Remedy service).


LJ is a Colorado native.  Born and raised in Denver, he met his wife in ’96 and has lived in Colorado Springs with her ever since.  While not at work they can usually be found out and about in the foothills around town hiking and biking whenever they can.