Yearly Archives: 2019

Attachment Validation Plugin Fix

So, version 1.0 of the plugin was an apparent ‘hit’ in that I got allot of people trying to use it virtually immediately, unfortunately it appears my initial testing was flawed and I didn’t find some major problems with it…it simply wasn’t working properly. v1.2 has fixed all of those bugs and enhanced it so that the warning process re-attaches the file from the file system in case the warning was a situation of the virus scan finding a virus and fixing it for you so the file can still be attached, but without the virus. Please continue the enthusiasm and keep working with this plugin.

Faster Rest

Today’s release of the Restful plugin should provide you with a faster experience. There have been several enhancements to the internal performance of the code to reduce delay and overall speed of the code, I hope you enjoy the latest version