Monthly Archives: May 2017

RSSO Transformation

Introducing an all new tool from APL.  This one is a login id transformation plugin that works with BMC’s RSSO product.  There are times where the source that you are using to get your authentication (CAC Specifically) doesn’t provide you with the information you want to use for logging into Remedy.  This plugin is a simple drop in place plugin for RSSO that allows you to utilize Remedy as a transformation source allowing you to store the ‘from’ and ‘to’ values inside of Remedy, then the ‘to’ value is used as your username after authentication.  I hope you like it and please, as always, reach out to me if you want features that the tool doesn’t already have.

Updated Email Validator plugin

After many years, I found another use for this plugin.  The ability to strip email addresses from the string based on domain, either specify the domain you want to strip, or specify the domain you want to keep and it returns the email string properly modified.